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Defense and Representation for Medical Malpractice Cases

Do You Have A Case?

In order to prosecute a case, the legal requirements of a negligence case must have occurred. There must have been
(1) a wrongful act
(2) that caused
(3) a bad outcome. If any one of these requirements are not present, the case cannot be prosecuted in the civil justice system. However, there may be grounds to file a complaint with the governing agency (see "Helpful Links" below).​

Steps Of How We Decide To Accept A Case

1. Free Case Evaluation of catastrophic injury or wrongful death cases.

2. Cases that have all of the legal requirements (explained above) are accepted for investigation.

3. After investigation, we form an opinion whether we can successfully prosecute the case or not.

4. Cases that are accepted for prosecution go through additional screening and client meetings that will be discussed in detail with each client.

5. A contract of Representation will be signed with every client whose case is accepted for prosecution. The terms of the contract will be fully discussed and agreed upon. Cases accepted for prosecution involve a contingency fee contract.