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Meet the Top-Caliber Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Who I Am

The law provides our freedoms, our rights, our security, and our safety. ​I received my law degree in 1992 from Oklahoma City University. I strive to focus my practice on helping people and leveling the playing field by enforcing the basic rights that belong to each of us. Those who cause harm or death in our communities must be held accountable so that everyone is safe. I firmly believe that if safety rules and individual rights are not enforced, none of us are safe.

Why I Do What I Do

"Justice for all" means something. It is a basic tenant that sets America apart from other countries. It is what men and women have fought and died for, and what makes others envy us and some hate us. My calling is helping those who have gone through the unspeakable, and bringing their circumstance to public light, seeking justice.